We help support The Wings of Phoenix – who they are

The Wings of Phoenix Association is the lemonade that Glennis Easey formed from the lemons that her husband (Robin Easey) was served.  On September 1, 1984, Sgt. Robin Easey was shot in the line of duty resulting in a catastrophic brain injury and physical disabilities.  As Robin went through various stages of rehabilitation, Glennis began to realize the gaps in services for acquired brain injury.  Glennis returned to university a couple of years after Robin was so catastrophically injured, and five years later was awarded a M.Ed. (Counselling). This degree gave her the skills she needed to dedicate her professional life to helping people who had sustained brain injuries.  Glennis had remained in contact with Dr. Pierre Turgeon, who she originally met immediately following the shooting, in his role as a psychologist with the Nepean Police Force.  Very aware that there are many individuals who are unable to afford therapy, Glennis and Dr. Turgeon created the Wings of Phoenix Association and procured charitable status for it.   The Wings of Phoenix opens its doors to individuals who have sustained head injuries and their families. Thanks to the generosity of private and corporate donors, it has been able to provide therapy for hundreds of persons and their families, offering rehabilitation services to those who otherwise cannot afford such crucial therapy. In so doing, it has paved the way for these clients to live much happier and fulfilling lives.

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