One person can move a mountain – because he #NeverStop and #ConquerABI

In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott had passed a new law, 2514-S, on June 16, 2017. That law changed everything. There would no longer be the brain injury and spinal cord waiver program that was funding the author of the story’s care, along with 10 other people at the residence. Gov. Rick Scott got rid of that! He was so-called “blending” that program with a new program. That program was titled Long Term Managed Care.  She found out though many calls, emails, faxes and letters that this new program was not going pay the same funding for these brain injured people. They were only offering to fund only one-third of what the brain injury waiver program had been paying. That meant that her sons facility would lose two-thirds of the money to care for these disabled people — money that they desperately needed to care for these disabled people.

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