New ultrasound treatment stops essential tremors – he’ll #NeverStop, because his tremors will

It’s not often you pay someone to damage your brain.

But Tim Dobbyn, a writer, will have a tiny hole burned in his brain to see if it can help the constant palsy that’s made it hard for him to work, cook and even to drink a glass of water without using both hands. 

“It makes people extremely nervous to watch me in the kitchen,” said Dobbyn, 60.

On a snowy January day, Dobbyn is sitting in an interventional radiology lab at the University of Maryland Medical Center, having a complicated head frame screwed tightly onto his skull.

The tremors began when Dobbyn was 9 years old, and have become steadily worse. Tired of being unable to drink wine without threatening the carpet, or to eat at a buffet without panicking his kids, Dobbyn is about to have a newly approved treatment called focused ultrasound thalamotomy.

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