New technology helping San Francisco Warriors diagnose concussions

Patrick McCaw tried to dunk, and DeMarcus Cousins greeted the Warriors’ guard at the rim by whacking him in the nose, sending him to the hardwood and leaving him with a concussion.

The day McCaw was cleared to play, Golden State’s Nick Young was accidentally elbowed by teammate Jordan Bell and fell hard.

The Warriors hadn’t had a player diagnosed with a concussion since Klay Thompson was kneed in the 2015 playoffs, and suddenly they h ad two in an eight-day stretch in December.

“It’s a weird feeling,” McCaw said. “You get a little dizzy. It’s like your mind is in a trance, everything’s moving in slow motion and everything’s foggy and hazy.”

At a time when concussions are under increasing scrutiny in the NFL, where 244 players were diagnosed with concussions last season, the NBA is among the professional sports leagues taking steps to better analyze players with possible brain injuries.

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