‘I’m a miracle’: How ex-Husky Darin Harris has learned to live with his traumatic brain injury

Darin Harris suffered a brain injury as a UW senior against Brigham Young in 2008. He has become an important voice in the education of the effects of brain injuries, and is a past president of the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington.

Tony Dorsett, the former Dallas Cowboys star and Pro Football Hall of Fame running back, is in Seattle this weekend as the featured guest at the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington’s annual fundraising gala.

There, Dorsett will be presented with The Breaking the Silence Award. A few years ago, Dorsett made national headlines when he revealed that he had been diagnosed with having signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative disease of the brain.

“It’s a silent epidemic,” BIAW executive director Deborah Crawley says. “There are very few people who are willing to raise their hand and tell their story. Very few.”

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