If you’re faced with something new, ask yourself why you don’t do it: is it that you can’t – or won’t?

I do a talk at the hospital every month, as part of PARTY (http://partyprogram.com), to help kids make the right choices.  That’s the core element of what I share about – choice.  I ask the kids that the next time they’re faced with something new, and they hesitate, to ask themselves this:  Is this something that I can’t do, or won’t.
I’m permanently disabled because of the wrong choice that someone made.  I can’t swim as I used to, I can’t ride a conventional bicycle, and I can’t run as I used to.  But, while doing something as I used to isn’t possible anymore, when faced doing it, I choose to find alternate ways.   Swimming is something that I think will be impossible, because drowning is a likely result, however, the others can be adapted.   It’s not likely possible that I’ll do a triathlon again, but I could do a  duathlon.

On the left is my tricycle, and on the right is the Alinker.   It’s a walking-ride.  I could get one, train to use it to “run” the part of the duathlon.
The next time that you find yourself faced with something that you’ve never done before, and you’re hesitating, ask yourself this:  Can’t I do it, or won’t I?


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