Focus on the good

I’ve struggled with self-acceptance, because a while after I woke up from my coma, I couldn’t see any.  What I’d lost was significant, and I simply couldn’t think of anything good about me.  I said to myself “I couldn’t…” before pretty much everything that I could think of.  Then, when I met Kerry Goulet, things changed.  He’s a former hockey player, in Germany, who’d suffered a lot of concussions.  He runs, a Not-For-Profit that’s so incredibly successful that I always have to remind myself that he’d suffered ABIs.   He’s been such an incredible element in helping me realize that all isn’t bad.   I think that together, our organizations can make a difference, to the holy-crap level.   But, let’s be honest, for the next little while, most of the awesome-ness will be from his side, but I’m determined to learn how to make our contribution make a difference.

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