On July 14, 2009 five people were biking, a minivan hit them, Robert Wein was the most severely injured, and suffered an Acquired Brain Injury (or ABI as it’s commonly referred-to).

This is the story from The Ottawa Citizen

Three of them suffered an Acquired Brain Injury (or, ABI), and Robert Wein was the most severely injured.  He’d suffered physical injuries, including the inability to walk without support, seeing double, but the most severe element of his injuries was the ABI.

He was medically-retired from his job, wasn’t able to continue with the fitness program that he loved, and was basically destroyed, on a psychological level.

In 2011 he decided to not feel that way, that he couldn’t do whatever he thought of.  Rather than thinking of what he couldn’t do, he decided to do what he could.  The Awareness Walk was born.

Six years later, it led it led to the formation of the “Never Stop – Foundation for Brain Injury Awareness”