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Never Stop Foundation: To promote public awareness and education on brain injuries.

The Never Stop Foundation (For Brain Injury Awareness) is a non-profit organization focused on providing public awareness and education about Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI).

ABI is known by a variety of names, including concussion; therefore it is common, far reaching and not always obvious.


This site was inspired by Robert Wein, who was hit by a minivan while cycling and as a result, is living with an ABI. The injury changed his life and as a result, his life’s focus. Rob and his foundation are advocates for educating others, inspiring compassion, understanding and support to many people living with ABI. We provide access to a variety of topics and links to sites providing “official” ABI information and prevention.

To support and promote public awareness
and education on brain injuries

We are focused on improving knowledge, understanding, and ABI prevention. Information about fund raising events and opportunities to support those living with an ABI can be accessed here.

The media has spoken of “Concussion” – a lot.  We’ve been asked quite a few times about that, please click to read what we’ve learned.